Sometimes I feel our greatest service to our community is the advice we share.  Experience is a great teacher.  We use our experience to help others make sound choices.  Our desire is to tailor every repair to what is best for our customer.  We don’t believe in selling extra things that are not needed as is so common today.

If we let you know of a problem, it IS a problem.  When you truly do your best to help someone, there is a trust that develops.  They feel good about referring us to others and that drives others to the shop.  So, there is no need to sell someone things they don’t need.  It is a win-win for everyone to have a spirit of helping.  With years of experience, we can help guide you away from dangers.



Auto body repair is just one of those things that’s too involved to do yourself.  If you read about the services we offer, you can learn in more detail what is involved.  What we offer to our community is a special service.  How many people do you know would even consider changing the roof panel on their new car? We don’t prey on others misfortune.  Instead, we help them through their misfortunes by doing things they can’t do themselves.  Auto body repair is hard work, but is very rewarding.  There is a lot that goes into being a leading body shop.  We have been fine tuning our shop since 1956 and the plan is to continue changing and improving as cars do the same.


Detailing a car is more than just a fancy washing.  There is a lot of things we can do to really improve a cars’ appearance without getting into auto body and painting.  Some scratches we can remove, and others we can make less noticeable.  The goal is to address each spot. Can there be something done that is more cost effective than body work?  It is a balance of cost & results.

We work with our customers to come up with a plan of action that provides the best results for the money being spent.  If the result is to make your car as nice as possible without spending a lot of money, then detailing is a service we offer that can change how you look at your vehicle.


As long as a part is still available, chances are, we can probably get it.  Attaining it, sometimes, is easy. The challenge is sorting out the junk. With years of experience, we’ve found there are huge differences in quality if the part is not original. The best price is not always the best value. There are parts out there we just won’t use because they aren’t safe (even if it means losing the job). Many insurance companies try to get our customers to go elsewhere, like to their direct repair facilities, because of our unwillingness to use aftermarket parts that we feel are low quality and substandard.

We feel substituting these low quality parts to an unsuspecting customer is fraud.  People come here because they trust us and the decisions we make. We work hard to find the proper part for the job. Sometimes the best part for the job is even a used part (because it’s original). Besides striving to give our customers what they want, we also try to guide them away from the   dangers, by sharing with them all our years of testing and experience.




Besides having data links to car manufactures repair procedures, our years of experience, training, and testing what we’ve learned, allows us to work on all makes and models. In fact, there probably isn’t a vehicle make we haven’t fixed. There were two cars we repaired that “sold” for over one and a half million dollars apiece after the repair! Also, a few years ago, we did over $36,000.00 in repairs to just one car! 

Anything can be fixed, but, at some point it isn’t cost effective to do so. There are times when only $5.00 is all that is needed for a repair. We have learned by testing new ideas and products that things aren’t always as good as presented. We will always be truthful with our customers and suggest what we feel is the best repair for the vehicle.



Most frames can be repaired. If not, we have the ability and equipment to do frame replacement. We have two frame machines, years of training and experience. There is no truth to the old thought that once the frame is bent the car will never track the same again.

We have taken new cars and straitened out tracking problems. Some newer frames have crush zones built into them. A crush zone is designed to use up energy in a crash. These areas are replaceable. With the right equipment, knowledge, desire and experience, we take the mystery out of frame repair.



body of a car

Unibody repair uses some of the same tools as frame repair does. It is a little the same and a lot different. Unibody vehicles are made strong enough that the car or truck does not need a frame. There are a lot of high strength steels and crush zones in unibody vehicles. That means a lot more replacing so the car will crush the same if it is in a second crash. Crush zones are designed to crush and use up energy in a crash.

They should be replaced once damaged.  We have an Auto Robot that was designed for repairing unibody vehicles.  It has the ability to hold, measure, and pull a unibody back into shape. All this equipment is great. We add training, experience, and pride in workmanship.  Now we’ve got a unibody repair system we can be proud of.



Today’s cars are not only welded together in many different ways, but are comprised of many different types of metals and plastics, too. Knowing the correct application, and choosing the right welder for the job, is very important and is the reason we have several types of welders. Our Resistance Spot Welder, which allows us to duplicate factory spot welds, runs on more power than the main wires used to supply your whole house and cost over $20,000! That’s just one welder. 

We have two MIG welders, a TIG welder, and even a Nitrogen Plastic Welder. There is also a welder that does Silicon Bronze and another one that does Aluminum. Cars today use a lot of panel bonding which is close to welding but it is really a glue bonding process.  We even have an electro-magnetic induction heater that is used to remove these bonded panels. Knowing the right welder for the right job is critical and is what we do.





Painting is a specialized field requiring special skills that are able to contend  with variables associated with each and every job. There are different procedures and products that need to be known before painting a surface.  The painter must know product content to determine what is going to adhere to the surface being painted. You’d have a mess if the same product was used on an aluminum surface that was used on plastic.

There are many variables that effect painting. The compressed air we use is refrigerated to remove moisture and is then filtered. Compressed air is so important that we’ve invested over $20,000 in this system. The spray booth is a tool that is used to control variables.

We have a unique paint booth, designed ourselves, that has received International recognition. In fact, calls have come in from as far away as Australia inquiring as to what we did and how we did it. You can read more about this in the section labeled “In The News”. Tools and training are important.

Having the ability to go into a special mindset is equally important. The painter has to pay attention the entire time and be able to make adjustments as he goes. We are very proud of our painter.



If anyone tells you that color matching is easy, you’re being lied to. There could be as many as twenty or more different formulas available for the color code on your car. Ordering a can of paint for your color code is not good enough for us. Matching the color your car “is” is what matters. First, we find out what plant your car came from. Then we use a color reading camera, along with color alternate chips, to mix the color ourselves.

A color spray out panel is then used to compare the color made to the color on your car. If necessary, the process will be repeated until it’s right. Our goal is to have your car look like it wasn’t in an accident, and a lot of effort goes into achieving that result. We probably have over $70,000 invested in color matching equipment and is very important to us.



It is easy to bolt on a new panel, but many panels aren’t bolted on. What is best for your car may be to repair a panel, not replace it. It does take time to go through the process. If we repair a panel, we expect the repair to last as long as the rest of the car does. If we don’t feel we can get it all better, we will tell you so. A lot of panels can be repaired to “not noticeable” for less cost than replacement. We can give you the real scoop on the pro’s and con’s of the repair process. Every panel is different and we will let you know what is involved in the straightening procedure. A lot of it is part science and part art.





Our shop has a work station dedicated to plastic repair. We have a Nitrogen Welder used specifically for welding plastic parts and bumpers. There are procedures for repairing plastic, but they are not as good as replacing the part. We repair a lot of plastic parts that are expensive to replace and our customers benefit from the cost savings. It is amazing what we can do with plastic. A lot of bumpers can be repaired and made better at so little cost.  We know what is a candidate for repair and what is not repairable. Knowing the pro’s and con’s enable our customers to make the proper decision themselves.



We are certified and equipped to do A/C repair. Collision A/C repair is a piece of cake compared to repairing old worn out systems. Repairing old systems have a high failure rate because of the amount of parts that need to be replaced. Why? Because the entire system is the same age. We try not to get involved with these aging systems because we want very much to have happy customers. We have years of experience repairing collision damaged A/C systems. If the parts are damaged, we replace them, and we are considered heroes.




Some places offer free wheel alignments. In our world, that means “Set the tow and let it go” That isn’t what we do. We may spend hours aligning just one car. We correct what others can’t. If the car will not align, that means something is wrong. We can even straighten the frame it that’s the cause. Our shop has a Hunter Four Wheel Laser Alignment machine. In our opinion, there is no reason a car cannot be aligned.


Changing tires equipped with tire pressure monitors are tricky. We have a new style tire machine that protects the pressure sensor. Balancing is done with a Computerized Spin Balancer. Our shop has these machines so we can maintain quick turnaround times and ensure no untimely delays in the collision repair process. We are not a tire shop, but are always here and willing to help.

This is an area where you can go wrong with doing it yourself. Beware of “It’s a small scratch or dent – I should be able to fix it myself”. If it is easy, it should be able to be fixed inexpensively. We show many people how to do things themselves and also know when it’s not advisable to do so. Our desire is to help. There is no dent that is too small. If it bothers you, it is important.  There are often different approaches that could be taken. We throw those ideas around so that you can choose the one that’s right for you.




Suspensions and drive trains often get damaged in accidents. This is right up our alley. We live on this stuff. We have access to data links that provide us information for all vehicle makes & models. Our shop has lifts, equipment, tools, pullers, presses and the most important thing – experience.Years and years of experience. In larger repairs, the motor, transmission, and even the dash, may need to be removed to do the repair properly. For us, this process is not scary, it’s just what we do.


We have two wreckers and provide local towing for our customers. One is a wheel lift and the other is a recovery (crane type) wrecker. If you need a tow, we are there to help.



We accept: cash, check & debit/credit cards