As long as a part is still available, chances are, we can probably get it.  Attaining it, sometimes, is easy. The challenge is sorting out the junk. With years of experience, we’ve found there are huge differences in quality if the part is not original. The best price is not always the best value. There are parts out there we just won’t use because they aren’t safe (even if it means losing the job). Many insurance companies try to get our customers to go elsewhere, like to their direct repair facilities, because of our unwillingness to use aftermarket parts that we feel are low quality and substandard.

We feel substituting these low quality parts to an unsuspecting customer is fraud.  People come here because they trust us and the decisions we make. We work hard to find the proper part for the job. Sometimes the best part for the job is even a used part (because it’s original). Besides striving to give our customers what they want, we also try to guide them away from the   dangers, by sharing with them all our years of testing and experience.