Today’s cars are not only welded together in many different ways, but are comprised of many different types of metals and plastics, too. Knowing the correct application, and choosing the right welder for the job, is very important and is the reason we have several types of welders. Our Resistance Spot Welder, which allows us to duplicate factory spot welds, runs on more power than the main wires used to supply your whole house and cost over $20,000! That’s just one welder. 

We have two MIG welders, a TIG welder, and even a Nitrogen Plastic Welder. There is also a welder that does Silicon Bronze and another one that does Aluminum. Cars today use a lot of panel bonding which is close to welding but it is really a glue bonding process.  We even have an electro-magnetic induction heater that is used to remove these bonded panels. Knowing the right welder for the right job is critical and is what we do.