Sometimes I feel our greatest service to our community is the advice we share. Experience is a great teacher. We use our experience to help others make sound choices.


Auto Body

Auto body repair is just one of those things that’s too involved to do yourself. If you read about the services we offer, you can learn in more detail what is involved. What we offer to our community is a special service. How many people do you know would even consider changing the roof panel on their new car?



Detailing a car is more than just a fancy washing. There is a lot of things we can do to really improve a cars’ appearance without getting into auto body and painting. Some scratches we can remove, and others we can make less noticeable. The goal is to address each spot.


All Makes & Models

Besides having data links to car manufactures repair procedures, our years of experience, training, and testing what we’ve learned, allows us to work on all makes and models.


The Goal At Eddie’s Auto Body

What we are trying to do

Personally, I want to make a difference in the auto body industry. I want it said that the world is a better place because of Eddie's Auto Body. There are many lies being told to trick people into having poor repairs done. Insurance direct repair centers are just shops that have lowered their standards of repairs by using cheap, aftermarket parts. Now the Insurance Industry considers these parts as "Industry Acceptable". I am adding some links to articles that have been published over the years to show that I have always been fighting to keep honesty in our industry.

You might not know what a safe repair is, but I do. I do not allow the Insurance industry to cheat my customers. What they do in turn, is steer them to shops that will. All insurance companies are not this way, but most are. I don't like saying all this negative stuff, but sometimes the truth hurts.

On a more positive note....A goal at the shop is continual improvement. I have a list that I add to all the time that are ideas for improvement. East Haddam is considered to have one of Connecticut's best body shops and we intend on only getting better.


Eddie’s Auto Body In The News

What’s going on

Optima Steamer DMF Becomes Integral Part of Shop’s Production

October 7, 2015

Featured in Autobody Product Showcase Magazine – October 2015 by: Autobody News Staff


Eddie’s Auto Body’s Lifting Bumper Rack

January 13, 2015

Featured in FenderBender January 2015 How Eddie Lupinek saved his business $100,000


Meet The Office Team

Who is behind the best auto body service in town?